The rise of the No Code Development Agency

The rise of the No Code Development Agency

by James
October 23, 2019

There is an increasing trend of agencies who are focussed on building apps and sites using ‘no code’ technology.

Agencies have sprung up specialising in a few of the leading ‘no code’ platforms such as…

  • Webflow – a platform for building dynamic websites and basic web applications.  Apps can integrate external apps and use a database to manipulate data.
  • Bubble – one of the leading ‘no code’ platforms which allows development of complex web apps.  Bubble is able to integrate with many other online services and utilise any API to manipulate data.
  • Zapier – Zapier is a leading online automation platform which allows for the manipulation of data in many different ways.  Zapier is an often used by ‘no code’ development agencies to prototype the backends for new products or APIs.
  • Airtable – a leading platform for building simple database powered web apps.  Airtable takes care of the user interface and database management, making building a simple app quicker than ever.

The benefits for customers of choosing a ‘no code’ development agency for their next project is that they are often able to have their new product built at a much quicker speed, and lower cost than normal.

Some of the key reasons clients are increasingly turning to ‘no code’ development…

  • Increased speed to build and deploy an app
  • Radically reduced costs compared to traditional app development
  • Ability to iterate through versions quickly
  • No need to worry about servers or infrastructure
  • Simple to operate and maintain, with a simple monthly cost to run
  • Extremely flexible and able to integrate with many other online services.

There are also several online communities specialising in learning more about the ‘no code’ movement, such as Makerpad.

If you’re looking to build your own ‘no code’ app then get in touch with us – we’re one of the few agencies building no code applications in the UK!

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